Eyelash Extension: Fact vs. Fiction

With all of the Social Media posts and News Reports about Eyelash Extensions, I think it’s appropriate to set the record straight! The news today seems to thrive on creating fear in all aspects of our lives, so we need to pick apart what we hear and really think about the issues at hand.

Do you remember the time when there were all kinds of reports of infections from people getting their nails done or from getting Pedicures? They were speaking about dirty nail salons that did not use proper sanitation techniques, therefore spreading nasty fungus between clients. Most reports did not speak about the sanitation but made a generalization about the hazards of nail salons.

Eyelash extensions have become a huge part of my business and a very popular service for busy women who want to look their best with minimal effort. However, eyelash extensions seem to be the latest target of the media.


  • FICTION: Eyelash Extensions damage your natural lashes.
  • FACT: If your lash artist abides by the rules (fake lash is no more than twice the length or diameter, and minimal glue is used), and you take care of them, your natural lash health could actually improve.
  • FACT: Wearing and removing mascara causes more damage to your natural lashes than eyelash extensions that are adhered properly and taken care of. Think about how much you rub your lashes when you remove mascara, or worse what happens when you don’t remove your mascara!
  • FACT: Many of my clients have longer, stronger, and more lashes now than when they first started getting lash extensions.
  • FICTION: Eyelash Extensions cause infections and mites.
  • FACT: People not cleaning their lashes regularly leads to mites (which are naturally occurring on our bodies) being attracted to the dirty lashes and causes infections, which will cause itching, irritation, and infection.
  • FACT: Going to a non-certified lash artist or nail technician (don’t get me started on that one) to save a few bucks is not worth it! Be sure to go somewhere that sanitizes their tweezers between each and every client and that they only glue one extension to one natural lash.
  • FACT: If you follow instructions on how to care for your lashes, you will not get mites or infections.
  • FICTION: You should not get your lashes wet.
  • FACT: You should wash your lashes at least 3 times a week with an approved lash cleanser. Although you should not stand with your lashes directly under the pressure of your showerhead, you do want to rinse them with a soft, wet brush or gentle splash and pat them dry before brushing them.
  • FICTION: Anyone can be a lash artist.
  • FACT: You must be a Licensed Esthetician or Licensed Cosmetologist and get advanced training the Eyelash Extensions. Don’t see a license and certification posted? Ask to see it or RUN.
  • FICTION: Anyone can have any length and thickness of lashes they want.
  • FACT: Proper technique only allows for up to twice the length and up to twice the diameter of your natural lash. Therefore, your natural lashes can be damaged if too long or thick of lashes are applied.
  • FACT: If you want a thicker lash line, consider volume lashes. Volume lashes are when several smaller diameter lashes are put together as a fan and then attached to your natural lash to protect the integrity of that lash while providing a thicker looking lash line.
  • FICTION: Wearing mascara will make your lash extensions look even better.
  • FACT: Wearing mascara makes your lashes heavier, which can cause damage to your natural lash.
  • FACT: Most mascara contains oils, which can reduce your retention rate by causing your extensions to fall off prematurely.
  • FACT: You got extensions, so you don’t have to spend time putting on mascara, so protect your investment! ☺
  • FICTION: A full set of lashes should last 6 weeks, since the life of a lash is that long.
  • FACT: Your lashes all have 3 stages of growth, and they are all at different stages at any given time. Therefore, it is normal to lose 3-5 lashes per day per eye just through the natural shedding process.
  • FACT: Although you may have some lashes left around that 6 week mark, to maintain lashes that look great it is recommended to fill them every 2-3 weeks.

TIPS to protect the investment of getting lash extensions and prevent any damage or infections:

  1. Cleanse your lashes at least 3 times per week.
  2. Don’t use oil-based products (makeup, cleansers, or treatments) near your lash line or inside your orbital bone.
  3. Wear a night mask designed to protect your lashes when you sleep.
  4. Brush your lashes at least twice per day to help remove dust, dirt, sleep, etc. between cleanings. This also helps keep them from sticking together and shapes them nicely. Brush down as you spin the brush first and then fluff gently from the front to create your perfectly desired shape.
  5. Of course, ONLY seek a certified lash artist!